The Toy Chest Anthology


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    The Toy Chest must be magic. How else can you explain how a brightly painted chest Toby found in the attic could be filled to bursting with so many toys? There simply isn’t room for them all. Toby knew that, but when he starts to question his luck the magic goes wrong.  There’s only one way to get it working again, and Toby’s the boy to do it.

    How can a novel and an anthology inhabit the same volume? Thirty authors made it happen, that’s how!

    Authors (alphabetically):

    Axton, Jeanie
    Azar, Penny
    Bajerai, Sharyn 
    Brumby, Helen
    Dascoli, Julie
    Fair, Catherine
    Foyster, Lee, and Leedy
    Gonis, Anastasia
    Hamilton, Kate
    Hammond, Jessi
    Harmer, Jade
    Hendriks, Karen
    Lander, Carole
    Lipscombe, Vi
    Lowe, Virginia
    Martin, Carol Ann
    McWilliam, Kathryn
    Moodie, Pam
    Mueller, Kathy
    Odgers, Sally
    Page, Tabitha
    Perry, Brittany
    Poulter, J.R.
    Powell, Dimity
    Reid, Janet
    Simmons, Pat
    Stewart, Kim
    Stutley, Jaz
    Ueckerman, Pamela
    Vescio, Robert


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