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Books I’m giving this Christmas

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Yep, it’s December.  Mr 7 said to me the other day, “This year has gone really fast.”  Now that’s saying something!

Between two book-loving children (as if they have a choice!) and a book-loving niece, I might just get a little too excited about buying books as Christmas presents, but it’s a tradition in our house for the children to get a book each and either new pyjamas or a Christmas T-Shirt on Christmas Eve and then we read the new books before bedtime. I’ve also bought them bonus books this year as they are both finding their own interests – you might be able to tell that I have one boy who’s into fantasy and the other into dinosaurs.  

So, including those for my niece and two December birthdays, these are the books I’ve bought and squirrelled away (some I’ve read, some I haven’t).  I hope this gives you some ideas!


And here are a few more ideas, based on what we’ve been reading lately:


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  1. Zoe Collins

    I’ll take one of each! Love the PJs/book tradition. We might start that too. 🙂

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