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Competition Win

As an unpublished author, one of the best ways for me to receive feedback on my work is by entering competitions for aspiring authors. This year I have faired pretty well in competitions and was delighted to win first place in the Secret Door Competition for my first junior fiction novel, “Atticus Jones’ Wand”. I wrote this for my older son, who loves books about magic and fantasy but who is also quite sensitive and finds other books (such as that series about another boy wizard which is very famous) too scary. He loved it so much that I decided to hone it and enter it into this competition, and was very surprised when it won. If you’d like to read the first chapter, you’ll find it (and the other winning entries) on the Secret Door Competition Website.

Also, if you have a sensitive child who loves books, perhaps they’re reading at an advanced level, but struggle to find content that is age-appropriate but appealing, I’d love to hear from you!