Stories infused with the magic of childhood…

Pamela Ueckerman grew up as much in Avonlea, Middle Earth and Narnia as she did in England.  She had a love affair with Spike Milligan’s limericks and wrote her own poems and stories from a young age.  The first ever book she wrote was called “Prince Yogurt-Pot and Princes Emma-Milk”.  She was seven years old.

Pamela has worked as a software programmer, a web designer, a university tutor and a dance teacher.   She now lives in Melbourne and is the mother of two boys.  She has a particular interest in early literacy and has won awards for her unpublished rhyming picture books and her first junior fiction novel.   Pamela teaches creative dance and writes stories that are infused with the magic of childhood.

Pamela’s work has appeared in an anthology by Creative Kids Tales and on the Australian Children’s Poetry website and will appear in two more anthologies in 2017.  Pamela is working on publication of her first picture book.