There’s a name for that

I was lamenting a few days ago with a friend about how Mr 7 seems to be going through some mini teenagehood – moodiness, talkback, defiance – all fairly unusual for my sweet, sensitive boy.  Later on that day, I found an article specifically addressing this and calling it the Stroppy Sevens.  “So there’s a …

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Play with your words

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bugs bite… Do you do wordplay with your children? I lasso you… I label you… I link you… I list you… Oh, I LOVE you! Do you do word games, plays on words, puns, double entendres, spoonerisms, mixed metaphors or rhymes? I spy with my little eye, something …

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Family Media Agreements

Two things happened recently which brought technology into sharp focus in our household. The first was when my laptop died a horrible, untimely death after Mr 6 accidentally (argh!) knocked a cup of tea over it, which caused me reconsider letting him use the replacement for playing Minecraft. And the second was him bringing home …

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